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Top 5 Forex Blogs

Having a forex blog can be a great way to share your knowledge and information with others. You can also gain a lot from reading other people’s blogs. If you are interested in forex, you can learn more about the market and make money while doing so. You may also want to check out some… Continue reading “Top 5 Forex Blogs”

5 Ways to Approach Analytics

Whether you’re an IT pro or an average user, there are several ways to approach Analytics. You should know the fundamentals before you decide how to use it. You should also be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of each method. Predictive analytics Despite being a new concept, predictive analytics has already made a huge… Continue reading “5 Ways to Approach Analytics”

Forex News and Forex Signals

Forex signals are messages that are sent to forex traders containing valuable information. These messages are brief, but contain a great deal of information. They begin with a Buy/Sell designation, and usually include a specific currency pair. An example might be the cable forex pair, which trades for Australian dollars. A strike price is also… Continue reading “Forex News and Forex Signals”

4 Basic Types of Analytics and How to Use Them to Make Better Business Decisions

Analytics is a broad and dynamic area of computer science that uses statistics, data, and other types of information to make predictions and make decisions. It uses techniques like machine learning, predictive modeling, and deep learning algorithms. In recent years, analytics has benefited from advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The growth of analytics… Continue reading “4 Basic Types of Analytics and How to Use Them to Make Better Business Decisions”