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What is the Real Meaning of Forex Blog?

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What is the Real Meaning of Forex Blog?

As a Forex broker, I like to use the metaphor of a tree. In this analogy, a broker’s job is like the branch and the last stage of the lifecycle of the tree: One that determines what branches grow.

In the first stage, the tree is simply a large pod, just an old trunk, without leaves or anything else. The branches are normally long, thin and weak. They grow into the wood of the tree, and then into branches that are long and strong enough to support the weight of the tree. The trunk grows upwards as the branches reach their highest point.

However, before you know it, you are riding a huge gush of earnings, putting up daily profits. The branches and the trunk are becoming stronger. However, you still have the same problems as before.

When the branches reach their strongest, then you have reached the last stage of the tree, and that is growth. The branches are long and strong enough to support the weight of the whole tree. You are finally ready to earn daily profits, putting up daily profits.

However, the only problem now is that the branches have grown beyond their deposit size, and the branches will not support the entire weight of the tree. The branches will weaken and then become quite weak.

So, you put the tree out into the open, but you will still have to clear the whole trunk to be able to make deposits. You could try and hire more people, but then, what will you do with the branches?

How can you earn money online through a Forex blog, when you need to clear the tree? Well, the answer is to change your mindset, and to change your blog.

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It should be more about learning, about helping you learn to earn money from Forex trading. You see, just like the branch, the Forex blog has to be clear of any links to the older articles, or to the past mistakes.

While you do your research and learn, and watch videos, and read everything that comes along, you can stick to the Forex blog and earn profits. You are a forex broker, after all, and you make decisions based on research.

After you decide to learn Forex trading, and become a Forex broker, you have to keep your blog updated. You can write an ebook, or you can write a blog post, but you have to keep the focus on the Forex trading and the new material that you are learning.

You should always keep the focus on your Forex blog. Keep it simple, and you can do it, and profit from it.